BlackFish Technology has completed A round of financing at $50 million


Recently, China’s leading membership consumer service platform, BlackFish Technology, announced that it has completed A round of financing at $50 million. The round of investors for the A round include: AlphaX Partners Capital, Lightspeed America, Rakuten (Lotte), Huachuang Capital, Lightspeed China, and Morningside Capital.

BlackFish Technology is a membership-based consumer service platform also known as finch, that integrates mobile Internet lifestyle and various services by using a membership business model baed on e-commerce. BlackFish excels in three things: creates an appealing visual look, a smooth user experience and makes all purchasing, or any other e commerce related task easy to do. The core target is millennials and Generation Z, as these are the biggest online consumers.

Xiao Haifeng, co-founder and CEO of BlackFish Technology, said that BlackFish will speed up its online and offline access by improving the rights of paid members, so that members can enjoy all the benefits offered on the platform. The goal is to be China’s largest member consumption platform.

Yang Jiahong, co-founder and president of BlackFish Technology, said that the new round of financing has provided strong support for Xiaohei Technology to continue to lead the Membership Consumer Service Platform. The company is exploring new products, new members’ rights, and new technologies to enhance members experience.

AlphaX Partners is very optimistic about the company’s management team. As early as 2011 when investing in, Chuan Thor, the founding partner of AlphaX Partners, met the founding executives of Blackfish and knew that BlackFish was focused on execution and a has strong entrepreneurial spirit, similar to AlphaX Parnters! Several founders of BlackFish have experience in entrepreneurship and business operations in industries such as consumer upgrades and travel services. They also have experience in having strong product in the consumer travel membership system in a competitive market.

“Pay membership service is a fast-growing area allowing BlackFish Technology to provide paying members with a community to share and engage with one another while providing customers with an easy to use financial system. “BlackFish revenue growth exceeded expectations” said Chuan, “With the strength of the dark consumer of the membership-based consumer service industry, we have achieved a leading position in the industry, and we are looking forward to its future prospects. We will also continue to focus on emerging projects in the area of consumer upgrades.”

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