Yaping Yao and Guangdong Yu from Alphax Partners won the "2018 Outstanding Investors under 40"

The "2018 Global Youth Entrepreneur Conference" co-organized by Bufan Business & Fanzhuo Capital was held in Beijing on November 14, where the list of outstanding investors under the age of 40 years old in 2018 was released.

Yaping Yao and Guangdong Yu, the founding partners of Alphax Parteners, were elected as “2018 Outstanding Investors under 40”!

Yaping Yao, a post-80s investor, owns 12 years of experience in cross-border M&A of investment industry and investment bank as well as in financial advisory. His investment style is sharp and he never follows the trend. Before the investment, he will do very detailed industry research. After the investment, he will continue paying more efforts. He believes that only when you insist to do all staff in person can you achieve a successful project. Because only the personal experience can create a three-dimensional feeling towards the enterprise which can help you to make an accurate judgment.

Guangdong Yu, another founding partners of Alphax Partners, has 12 years of experience in internet entrepreneurship and investment. He believes that as an investor, it is necessary to work harder to delve into each entrepreneurial project, understand the other party, and give more companionship and support on their road of starting a business.

As the idea “invest with craftsman spirit, run along with entrepreneur” advocated by Alphax Partners says, partners hope to contact, understand and help entrepreneurs personally and practically, so that more entrepreneurs can succeed.

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