Yaping Yao was named Forbes China's “2018 Top 100 Best Venture Capitalist.”


On December 12, 2018, Forbes China launched the “2018 China’s Best Venture Capitalist” list, and Yaping Yao, the founding partner of AlphaX Partners, was on the list. Yaping Yao placed on the Forbes China list in just two years after he founded AlphaX Partners. He is also one of the youngest post-80s investors in the Top 100.

Among the 100 venture capitalists on the list, there are only 11 investors in the 30-39 age group including Yaping Yao.

Although quite young in the investment industry, Yaping Yao’s has a long and rich investment experience. Yaping Yao entered the investment industry in 2006 at only 24 years old. He started out in Baidu Investment’s M&A Department,and was the Global Executive Director of Highland Capital and China Partner. In 2016, he co-founded AlphaX Partners. With 13 years of experience in VC and investment banking, he has excellent acumen for current investment trend. Of the 11 projects invested, three have been listed, one has been acquired, and three are in the process of an IPO. Anjuke.com and Hylink, are two of the companies at the moment that are anticipated high-return projects.

Young AlphaX Partners are motivated to invest in more quality projects that provide a good return on investment and fit their selected investment criteria.

They are future-minded and able to compete with established investment institutions such as Sequoia Capital China Fund and IDG.

At present, the AlphaX Partners manages the first phase of RMB and the first-phase US dollar fund, totaling 2 billion yuan, and invested in more than 10 enterprises including 360 Enterprise Security, Gaosi Education, small BlackFish technology, and KilaKila. Among them, the car group has been listed on NASDAQ in the United States on November 20th. 360 Enterprise Security has recently received 1.25 billion yuan in Pre-B round of financing and live-stream technology has also gained an investment from Google and iQiyi.

At this stage, the AlphaX Partners focuses on early-stage VC investment in high-tech fields, with a focus on industries, internet, education, consumption upgrades, new technologies, social, clothing, food, housing, and transportation.

They not only do they focus on the industry, but also emphasize professionalism and depth. AlphaX Partners manages, all research projects, analysis reports, adjustments, decision-making, and post-investment management services. They are to be specifically to be handled by partners themselves. AlphaX Partners ensure that 50 percent of the time and energy is spent on investment in the invested companies and provide post investment service. This personal hands on approach allows for AlphaX Partners to gain a deep understanding of the specific industry while greatly enhancing a successful return on investment (ROI).

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