On February 20th, 2019, the 3rd GPLP Venture Capital Industry Summit and 2018 GPLP Influential Award Presentation Ceremony was held in Beijing. According to the 2018 GPLP Five Series’ Influential List, more than 200 people in the field of VC investment, representatives of awarded organization, the award-winners, and the industry media attended this award ceremony.

AlphaX Partners was on the list of 2018 GPLP Top 10 Influential VC together with IDG Capital and Sequoia Capital China Fund.

In the past year, AlphaX Partners’s evaluation and post-investment service have helped entrepreneurs to develop their companies better. As of date, it has invested in Qi An Xin, Gaosi Education, Chushou TV, TuanChe, BlackFish, Dajianhui, PMCAFF, and KilaKila. Among these portfolios, TuanChe was officially listed on the NASDAQ OMX. Qi An Xin successfully completed B round financing with 900 million. All these projects achieved outstanding performance and business operation improvement.

For AlphaX Partners, being in the top 10 of influential VC is not only the affirmation of their professional strength and post-investment services, but also the motive to achieve more. AlphaX Partners is currently focused on Internet, education, consumption upgrades, new technologies, internet security, and basic needs items. The group wants to maximize entrepreneur’s achievement while minimizing risk.

The 3rd GPLP Venture Capital Industry Summit was sponsored by GPLP belonged to Rhino Finance. Other noteworthy sponsors included Seiho Finance, national investment institutions, nationally well-known scholar organizations, and authoritative media organizations. Discussion topics were on the investment industry, people and organizations contributions and the development of VC industry from a third-person perspective.

After 2 months of research and analysis, the most active and influential investment organizations and people were discovered and awarded. This award ceremony aims to recognize outstanding people and organizations who take a leadership role and help the Chinese VC industry as a whole. These people are the mover and shakers of a new economy and the hope of the Chinas economy.

AlphaX Partners, founded in 2016, completed the recruitment of 2 billion yuan dual-currency fund. AlphaX Partners is a $290 million global VC firm in China, which focuses on investing in early start-up enterprises financing for series A.

AlphaX Partners was established by three partners: Chuan Thor, former General Partner of Highland Capital Partners, Yaping Yao, former Principal of Highland Capital Partners, and Guangdong Yu, former EVP & founding member of Qihoo 360.

AlphaX Partners has become a significant player in the VC industry in China.

AlphaX Partners has won a number of industry awards, including “The Top 30 Chinese Equity Investment Institutions of 2017” conferred by Zero2IPO Group, “China’s Most Potential Investment Institution of 2017” by China Venture, “The New Prominent Investment Institution of 2017” by China Bridge, and “The Venture Capital Institution with Greatest Growth Potential of 2017” by

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